New bar spy - 3rd Avenue

From cocktails to sushi, three new concepts opening in Hove's 3rd Avenue

3rd Avenue

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What they say:

From the same people behind popular No.32 comes a new multi-space venue; 3rd Avenue in Hove is also home to 72 and The Grill Room. The spot aims to cater for any whim, opening at 10am daily for bites and staying open until 2am on the weekend, with DJs and space to dance. As one would expect from No 32 company, the sister venue is similarly opulent, with plenty of leather, velvet and polished wood interiors.

What we say:

3rd Avenue is joining Hove's foodie hubbub with a menu that promises sushi (in 72) and steaks (in The Grill Room). The spot also knocks up some nifty concoctions with a fancy cocktail menu, along with the standard wine and beer offering. While information is currently thin on the ground, the new venue looks like it will be a diverse and changeable space, transforming from The Grill Room (open for two hours daily) through to 72 for sushi and platters, before letting you dance the night away.