Where to Watch Six Nations Rugby in Birmingham

It's genuinely one of the biggest sporting events on the rugby calendar, honestly, just ask any rugby fan and they'll tell you it's true; the Six Nations Rugby tournament is one of the most watched rugby events in the world. But where are you set to catch this bought of bashful, premium sport in our fair city? From sports bars to laid back boozers, we've uncovered a treasure trove of destinations to get 'yer rugby heckle on. Check out our recommendation for the best bars to watch the Six Nations Rugby in Birmingham. 

Walkabout Birmingham

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They're mighty big fans of rugby in Australia, hence why you wont be hard pushed to find some of the biggest Six Nations matches on at Walkabout in Broad Street the city's only Australian bar. Whilst they may be a raucous party bar come the weekend, Walkabout boast HD screens, a top notch Sky Sports coverage and large hig-res screens the like for a booming bought of rugby hecklin' and game watching with your chums in Birmingham. 

The Old Contemptibles

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A hearty British pub for one hearty British sport, you can't do too wrong with that now can you? Join The Old Contemptibles as they plan to show you scrum lovin' wayfarers the very best in Six Nations action as they boast all the best in mighty stand-offs and scuffles live on screen. Pair that with pub grub and ale, and you're chortling your way to happy.

The Red Lion

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Want to get away from the bustle of Birmingham city centre, yet still dabble in a good ol' fashioned tipple in a classic boozer for the big games? The Red Lion have got your back. Set to show the very best in Six Nations coverage this year, every scrap, scuffle and scrum is sure to be caught live and in the confines of a cracking Birmingham pub, bevvie in hand.

Rileys Birmingham

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Whilst their main focus may not be fancy interiors and slick cocktails, Rileys are renowned for their sports bar stance and commitments to all things active. Prepare to chill out with your chums in front of their three metre HD screens and premium sport package as they supply you with a bounty of your favourite chilled bevvies; like we said, you won't get fluffed up over the wallpaper but you will get giddy over their Six Nations coverage.

Bacchus Bar

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They may be one of the coolest, if not broodiest, basement pubs in Birmingham, but this wont stop Bacchus getting their game on. Set to show the very best in drop goals, chip kicks and scrums, this ale-laden Birmingham pub is just the ticket for those of you wanting somewhere unique to catch all of the live action this year. 


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A bar in the Mailbox might not be your first assumption to catch all the latest in Six Nations action, but you'd be so very wrong. Set to host some of the best in live and catch-up action, Ireland fan or Scotland enthusiast, Penny Blacks have the complete collection in Six Nations fixtures, all alongside a cracking selection of ales to boot.