Fireplace Pubs in Birmingham

The further the temperature drops, the more likely it is that we'll moan about it, but how about a few pubs and bars in Birmingham that are battling those chilly groans with a heart and tootsie warming selection of real fireplaces? Let us set the scene: it's snowing outside, you have a beer and you're lodged up next to a roaring coal fireplace, THE END. Now, how nice was that? Check out our recommendations for the best pubs with fireplaces in Birmingham and cosy on up next to a roaring fire, bevvie in hand. 

Pitcher & Piano Birmingham

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Sitting pretty right next to the canal, Pitcher and Piano is just the spot to cosy on up when the minus degrees come calling. Boasting a hearty selection of real fireplaces next to hearty leather sofa's, this rustic warmth is off set with a charming yet modern selection of knick knacks that make this bar in Birmingham a ravishing Sunday retreat be it for roast dinners or cocktails the like. 

The Prince of Wales

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Whilst we may lovingly harp on about the garden tiki bar in Moseley's Prince of Wales, there's so many cosy nooks and crannies inside that we're sometimes silly to miss. Boasting traditional interiors, The Prince of Wales is one cuddly bundle of warmth thanks to a selection of real coal fireplaces churning out some good old fashioned heat whilst you sup away on a cracking selection of local beers and ales.

Canalside Cafe

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Not only does this pub promise charming views of the canal and Birmingham life outside it's traditional lead bound single glazed windows, there's a roaring coal fireplace to boot; all of which only adds to this pubs kitsch appeal as walls come adorned with historical treats and vintage beer mats in abundance, making for one rustic, yet wholly British pub feel. 

The Spotted Dog

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Sometimes it's all about going back to basics when it comes to pub drinking in the city. Head on down to The Spotted Dog in Digbeth where you'll not only be met by a petite yet charming establishment brimming with friendly locals and traditional pub knick knacks, but you'll be all set to nestle up next to a roaring log burning fireplace that will warm your ankles in a jiffy whilst some local ale and cobs will warm your belly.