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Perios Is Bringing Flaming Hot Tex-Mex To Birmingham

Perios Brindleyplace


Now Open

This new Birmingham restaurant is serving food worth fighting for. Channelling traditional Mexican flavours and blending them with Southern Texas staples (with a dash of Luchadores flair), Perios is encouraging you to add some extra heat to your dinner.

The Tex-Mex eatery will offer seven different flavours to help ignite your inner fighter, from the cooling Hola Herbs all the way through to an eye-wateringly spicy Habenero Chero. When it comes to the dishes themselves? You can munch on all the classic Mexican favourites such as beef chilli burrito, chicken fajitas and toasted quesadillas. Then you’ve also got some more American-leaning dishes such as the Philly sub steak, flame-grilled chicken or BBQ Mexicana burger, as well as desserts in the form of churros with molten chocolate.

If all that fiery feasting has made you thirsty, sip on ice cold beers, agave-laced cocktails and a selection of wines. There's also the droolworthy cookies and cream, salted caramel and chocolate milkshakes if you feel like indulging your sweet tooth a little more. To really get you in the mood for a night out, why not order a round of tequila shots?