Best Birmingham Immersive Experiences

Fan of the extraordinary? If you've got a spare day to save the world, dive into award-winning VR and epic escape rooms, alongside seriously tasty food and drink. From travelling back in time to the 1900s with the Shelby boys to way, way into the future, check out some amazing immersive experiences in Birmingham.

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Last updated on 12th March 2024

The Park VR Birmingham

Situated alongside the canals of Brindleyplace, The Park VR Birmingham is a top choice for immersive fun with friends, dates or colleagues. This futuristic spot boasts cutting-edge headsets that will transport you to an exciting new world, whether you're fighting off zombies or cracking clues in a chilling escape room experience, followed by real-life drinks at the bar.

Escape Hunt Resorts World

Choose from four themed rooms at Escape Hunt Resorts World, where you can flee an island, diffuse missiles and enter the jungle. Some tasks are just that little bit too small, so drink a shrinking potion to join Alice in Wonderland at this cool VR experience in Birmingham.

Meet Space VR Birmingham

Grab some of the best immersive experience tickets in Birmingham at Meet Space VR. Slap bang in the city centre, free roam games include battling the undead alone or with a group of friends. There's only one hour per mission so it's your task to be quick and save the world.