Exclusive Clubs in Birmingham

Don your best dress ladies and slap on your best shirt chaps as these exclusive venues take nothing less than sophisticated, stylish and chic. Packed with Birmingham's young, glamorous and fashion conscious, these bars and clubs are at their very peak when it comes to VIP lounges, table service, dancing and high-end champagne on tap. For a premium VIP treatment and a luxurious night out with your closest friends, check out our recommendations for some of the most exclusive clubs in Birmingham. 

Sorry, the places listed below don't have online bookings available, but we hope you still find this list useful for your night out!

Mooch Bar

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Sticking out in Birmingham's beautiful Broad Street, Mooch Bar is one of Birmingham's most exclusive venues, offering the city's party-mad crowds a spot to sip champagne and dance the night away. Serving British pub food until 10pm, the venue oozes class and sophistication at their Drop Dead Gorgeous clubs night every Saturday. The VIP packages, elegant booths and dazzling table service have a knack for drawing in some of the city's most famous figures and are perfect for those special occasions. VIP birthday anyone? 


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Adding a distinctly Far Eastern theme to things, Sobar is one of Birmingham's most exclusive clubs, nestled quaintly in the city's Arcadian area. A sleek, sophisticated bar during the day, things kick up a notch at night, where their VIP Kaijo lounge draws in some of Birmingham's most famous names. Beautifully decorated with a distinct Japanese theme running throughout, the table service, VIP DJs and selection of international drinks certainly makes for an unforgettable night out in Birmingham. 


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Primed for Birmingham's young professionals, Nuvo is a sleek and sophisticated club that boasts carefully crafted cocktails and a stunning selection of Internatoinal champagnes. A contemporary cocktail bar, home to a live music lounge that's sound tracked by melodic piano tones, Nuvo erupts into life come the weekend with DJ nights that draw in the City's many party-mad crowds. Nuvo has everything for your upmarket weekend out.


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Home to Brum's celebrities and fashion-forward crowds, Bambu is a buzzing venue filled with chic decor and opulent furniture. If you're not pottering about in the Moroccan themed garden then be sure to book one of Bambu's seven exclusive VIP booths. Draped with elegant fabrics and champagne buckets by the dozen, these booths are a beautiful place to relax before you make your way to the buzzing dance floor.