Clubs in Digbeth

According to pivotal, cutting-edge research, Digbeth is a party destination partial to a four day weekend. Mostly housed in the vintage warehouses of Birmingham's quirky and creative district, these Birmingham clubs promote some of the biggest and more raucous weekend parties that Brum has ever seen. From daytime raves to evening DJ residencies and guests, this area is certainly a clubbing hubbub. So get glammed up and get ready to dance the night away in the best clubs in Digbeth.

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Sorry, the places listed below don't have online bookings available, but we hope you still find this list useful for your night out!

The Institute

Home to legendary club nights such as Cream and Godskitchen, The Institute in Digbeth may be a gig venue at heart but it struggles to fight the urge not to throw some of the most popular and lively club nights in Birmingham. Opened in 1955, this vintage building has a 1,500 strong venue and is a firm contender for one of the biggest club venues in the city. 


Not just one of the best clubs in Digbeth, Lab11 is a Birmingham institution that seems to set trends within the city. A warehouse-cum-club venue, nights like TRMNL places this venue at the very heart of Birmingham's House and Techno scene. Composed of a formidable mixture of great DJs, all your favourite drinks and a laid-back attitude, few party-mad venue's as good as Lab11 exist in the Midlands. 


Though surrounded by various other warehouse clubs in Digbeth, Spotlight has shone brightly in Birmingham's club scene, drawing in the city's young, artistic crowds. The exposed brick walls, low hanging metal pipes and vintage chesterfield sofas give the entire venue a sharper edge, whilst the great line-up of DJs play all your favourite Underground, Hip Hop and House tracks. Well worth a visit if you find yourself at a loose end in the Digbeth area. 


Whilst Suki10c may be one of the smallest clubbing spaces in Birmingham, packing in 150 party revellers at a push, they're known as both a Digbeth landmark and creative hub in the city. From quirky fancy dress club nights and alternative showcases to House nights, this urban spot is brimming with underground talent and quirky nights out. 

The Night Owl

Adding some much-needed edge to Digbeth's nightlife scene, the Night Owl has quickly become a favourite spot amongst Birmingham's party crowds. Elegantly decorated with walls of records, typewriters and intriguing memorabilia, their DJ uses their impressive music collection to compile playlists composed of all your favourite 70s, 80s and 90s track. Roll back the clock on your next big night out in Birmingham, throw caution to the wind and head to the characterful Night Owl.


Three rooms and a rooftop terrace worth of Reggae?! We're pretty sure that's more reggae than the rest of Birmingham combined. With their 'People Standing Together' motto at the heart of their clubbing mentality, PST are a crowd friendly club with an atmosphere full of heavy bass and trembling trebles. With daytime parties all the rage, be sure to check in with these folks when the sun starts shining.