Bored of plastic garden chairs and wobbly beer benches? Then this small collective of quirky beer gardens in Birmingham could be your creative alternative to the traditional beer garden. 

A few pubs in Birmingham have taken it upon themselves to take beer gardens to the next level and generate a whole user experience further than the reaches of inside's bar. With Summer but around the weather bend they are leading the front when it comes to unique places to spend your afternoon sunshine tipple.

beer garden blog 1

Birmingham's notably most renowned beer garden would surely have to go to the cool and quirky Prince of Wales in Moseley. Not content with a plethora of wooden benches, a wedding friendly marquee and a cigar shop/humidor, The POW have gone out of their way to build one of Birmingham's most convincing cocktail bars. Sitting out back is Motiki, a sand clad bar serving cocktails that pack a fruit punch. 

birmingham beer garden 2

But what if a tiki bar is a little too much for your taste? Then head on over to The Red Lion or The Lord Clifden in Jewellery Quarter. Both found under the UAB (unique art bars) umbrella, these two pubs host beer gardens full of, well, sometimes we just don't know. From vintage bingo signs to paint splattered post boxes, we can guarantee that you've never spend a summer Sunday in Birmingham in a beer garden quite like this. So why not try something a little different this summer for your pub tipple and check out some of the great beer gardens in Birmingham.