New bar spy - Everyman Cinema Birmingham

Everyman for himself at this plush new Mailbox cinema bar

Everyman Cinema Birmingham

Last updated . By Katie Houghton.


Late 2014

What they say:

With the redevelopment of Birmingham's luxury shopping complex centre comes a brand new cinematic experience; Bringing their luxury movie brand to the heart of the Mailbox's overhaul, Everyman Cinemas are set to nab a 12,000 sq ft plot in the new development, introducing Birmingham to their retro yet contemporary brand. From a stylish bar and lounge area's to plush sofa style cinema seating and 3D capabilities, Everyman Cinema are hoping to invigorate Birmingham's entertainment scene with unique events, quality screenings and theatre to boot.

What we say:

Whilst we all know that The Electric Cinema has been doing our city proud when it comes to independent cinematic moments, it's nice to see another venue where we can scoff our chops with craft beer and indulge in a unique movie experience. If the London based Everyman Cinemas are anything to go by, this Birmingham addition is sure to not only gleam with contemporary yet retro innards, the luxurious lounge bar will be a hotspot for pre-cinema drinkers and post movie doozies the like.