Bohemian Bar and Kitchen Cocktails and a rooftop garden? Moseley has a quirky new contender on their hands
1-6 Alcester Road, Birmingham, B13 8JE

What they say:

Keeping pre-opening information on the down low for now, Bohemian Bar and Kitchen have unveiled a few revealing details that hint at the plans they have for previous Moseley pub The Junction on Alcester Road. Promising artisan vibes, an antique laden decor, quirky cocktails and a rooftop garden to boot, Bohemian Bar and Kitchen plan to be the perfect place for adventurous Moseley wanderers and cool creative souls. 

What we say:

Whilst we always knew that Moseley were true champs when it came to cool suburban towns in Birmingham, we thought it would be a long while before anything new came a cropper; but aren't we glad we were proved wrong! Promising to turn the little bit worse for wear Junction pub on Alcester Road into a thing of quirky cocktail beauty, we're already impressed with the hints we've seen from Bohemian as their Facebook profile is laden with clues of a rooftop garden, antique decor, mixology masters and more.