TE Bar Hurst Street to get a glam new DJ bar
16 Hurst Street, Birmingham, B5 4BN
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What they say:

TE Bar haven't let onto themselves very much about themselves, keeping plenty under wraps until their launch night on August 24th but there are a few sneaky facts to be found. Set to be two floors worth of top local DJs and club nights launched by Urban label Tru Entrepeneur's Leon Xtra, TE Bar boasts cocktails and tipples downstairs with a clubroom up top. A smart dress code tells us that TE Bar could be primed for young city slickers looking to have a good time, and what with boasting Trevor Nelson on their launch night, TE Bar will be bringing in big names a-plenty as their future unfolds. 

What we say:

What with so many empty spaces appearing on Hurst Street as of recent, it's great to see someone taking the effort to fill one of these spaces back up; and what with it being a brand new party bar? Win, win! And whilst TE Bar doesn't so far look all that different to the other party bars in Birmingham, we're looking forward to seeing where they take their DJ nights. Plus, Trevor Nelson is hosting their launch night and he is super famous on the radio don't you know. There's rumours of a day-time grill from November too, tasty!