Bars to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse in Birmingham

With a population of over a million, you can bet that when a mutating zombie disease spreads, it's going to go loco. Zombie's are all the range at the moment, but when one comes-a-knocking on your door, you're going to be screaming like a little girl that just dropped her '99; that's why we're going to help you survive as if our jobs as nightlife purveyors depended on it! Check out our recommendations for the best bars to survive a zombie apocalypse in Birmingham and pray that those flesh munching little monsters don't get to you first. 

Bacchus Bar

155 user reviews 5

Bacchus bar underneath Birmingham's bustling New Street doesn't miss a trick when it comes to natural...or zombie disasters. Boasted as one of the best basement bars in Birmingham, Bacchus is primed for zombie escapee's looking for a place to hide. But don't worry about weaponry while you're down here. Considering that this bar is brimming with medieval swords and steel armour, you'll be training to become a lean mean zombie killing machine before you know it.

Island Bar

11 user reviews 4

What better a weapon to fight a zombie with than another zombie, right? Head down to this cocktail bar in Birmingham and request a zombie pronto (no time to waste in an apocalypse pal) and hurl those tasty sons of guns right at your undead target. While we don't agree or condone the wastage of a perfectly good cocktail, you've got yourself in a bit of a zombie rut and we're willing to let this one slide. 

The Post Office Vaults

2 user reviews 3

Those with the most weapons, kill the most zombie's, it's a DesignMyNight fact. That's why you need to visit somewhere with enough artillery to make it through the apocalypse and The Post Office Vaults could be your weapon heavy Birmingham bar. And by weapon's we meant hundreds of bottles of beer, but you knew that didn't you. Boasting a selection of over 300 beers to hurl the undead's way, you'll be upsetting craft beer lovers and zombie's alike. 

The Electric Cinema

3 user reviews 5

Considering that this happens to be one of the oldest working cinema's in the UK, we feel like it's not going anywhere soon, making it a good bet to survive the oncoming zombie apocalypse in (with or without you). And while the zombie apocalypse is going all kinds of barmy outside the cinema doors, you'll be tucking into some of the finest independent movies in the world. Best zombie apocalypse EVER?