The Best Ball Pit Bars In The UK

One of the greatest losses of adulthood? Not being able to throw yourself into a playpen full of multicoloured, plastic spheres anymore (well, without being met by awkward glares). Fortunately, this nostalgic need has been recognised on a regional scale. Venues all over the nation have opened to fill the void, and you'll find them in our guide to the very best ball pit bars in the UK for adults.

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Last updated on 23rd November 2023

Edinburgh & London: Ballie Ballerson

You've heard of it and there's a good reason why. Ballie Ballerson tickets in Edinburgh and London are hot property as it's the ultimate destinations to release your inner child. There are quirky cocktails like the sherbet-laced Dibbie Dabberson or the Hubba Hubba Bubba, made with tequila, lime and bubble gum.

Liverpool: Illuminati

Ibiza comes to Liverpool at Illuminati. The brightly coloured, glitzy nightclub is a hot party location with gorgeous cocktails and DJs playing White Island-inspired sets. It's also one of the most well-known indoor ball pit bars in the UK, showcasing a vast, colourful pen. So, for an Insta-worthy photo opportunity, dive in.