New bar spy - True Loves

This New Riverside Restaurant Specialises In Yorkshire Charcuterie

Published . By Georgia Evans.

True Loves


TBC 2020

True Loves is an all-new restaurant nestled in the arches of Victoria Quays. Specialising in Yorkshire charcuterie, the venue serves small plates and sharing platters from local suppliers; think sustainably-sourced meat, cheese, pickles, wine, beer and ale across the menu.

Taking its name from two Sheffield legends, True Loves stems from James Wills' 1827 poem which tells the tale of two lovers who were washed away off Lady’s Bridge in a great flood. The second is slightly more grizzly, as the Truelove's butcher would supposedly dump unwanted offal into the River Sheaf in the 1800s, which led to the area being coined as Truelove’s Gutter - yes, that is also the title of a Richard Hawley album.

Nevertheless, the new incarnation of True Loves hopes to build its own legacy through championing local communities and the produce of Sheffield and broader Yorkshire.