We Try London's Famous £12 Steak Restaurant (And They Have A New Burger On The Menu)

Published . By Jasmine Lee Kennedy.

Flat Iron Clink Street Review | DesignMyNight

If you’re a carnivore living in London, chances are you’ve heard of Flat Iron. It’s the trendy meat haven that’s been popping up all over the Gram, offering us beaut cuts at affordable prices. The steak restaurant had been on my radar for quite some time, so when an opportunity to visit their Clink Street venue arose, my stomach was ready and rumbling in anticipation.

Located down the cobbled streets between Bankside and Borough, right next door to the infamous Clink Street prison, there’s something quintessentially London about the venue before you even pop your head in. Head through the front door, make your way up the staircase and you’ll find a buzzing restaurant alive with great tunes and the chatter of the young after-work crowd. It's minimalist and cute, with orange leather booths and stools, which are vibrant against the white walls, as well as dangling foliage and low-hanging lights.

Flat Iron Clink Street Steak Restaurant | DesignMyNight

Simple yet stylish, the Clink Street restaurant was the perfect level of contemporary cool.

As we made ourselves comfortable at our table, we were given a complimentary bowl of popcorn to snack on, which was a lovely touch. While gobbling down kernels by the handful, we decided on a couple of the Freedom Four Lagers (£4.5) that, to our delight, came in a frosty cold glass. It was easy and refreshing, the perfect accompaniment if you know you’re about to devour a hefty feast. Our next drink was the makrut lime caipirinha (£8 each). The tangy flavours of the citrus cut through the demerara sugar and sweet sugarcane spirit, which I love, love, loved.

Now, for the nitty-gritty; we went for their namesake, the signature flat iron steak (£12), cooked rare. Served on a wooden board with a cleaver, the meat was incredibly delicious and tender, although I think I’d order it medium-rare next time for a little extra juicy-ness. We dipped and slathered the cuts in moreish peppercorn and bearnaise sauce (£1 each), which were both flavoursome accompaniments. The new short rib smoked chilli cheeseburger (£12) was a bit of a showstopper. It's made of two ex-dairy beef patties (which were incredibly succulent due to the high marbling of the cut) that were topped with fried jalapenos, gooey Edam cheese and shredded lettuce, all nestled on a bed of pickles and in a buttery brioche bun.

Flat Iron Short Rib Smoked Chilli Cheeseburger | DesignMyNight

This little doozy was one of the best patty and bun combos I've had all year.

I’m a bit of a potato fiend, so had to get a portion of the homemade beef dripping chips (£3.5), which were a perfect middle ground between crispy and fluffy. But the real star of the side dish show was the crispy bone marrow garlic mash (£3.5). It was silky smooth and made deliciously rich with the addition of bone marrow butter, with scraps and chives on top for an added crunch. As for our veggies, we opted for the roast aubergine (£4.5) with tomato, basil and mozzarella – a little similar to melanzane – and the creamed spinach (£3.5), which was simple but very tasty indeed.

Before we headed out, we were given a couple of mini meat cleavers and told to hand them in at the front. These were tokens for a cone of their lip-smacking salted caramel soft serve sprinkled with Cru Virunga cacao, which we enjoyed on our walk back to the tube station. As one of my absolute favourite flavours of ice cream, this was the perfect finish to an already wonderful dinner out.

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With succulent steaks available for just £12 and bone marrow mash £3.5, Flat Iron really does dish out affordable luxury. Every bite was savoured, the service was friendly and the atmosphere was fun, so I'll definitely be back to Clink Street soon. It's a fab spot for those who want a special meal out in Central London without the hefty price tag.

  💰 The damage: £66 between two, plus service.

  📍  The location: Clink Street, London, SE1 9DG.

  👌 Perfect for: For the steak-obsessed and newbies alike.

 ⭐ Need to know: They sometimes have steak specials, so keep an eye out.


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