21st Birthday Party Manchester

Anywhere else in the world, and 21 is just another number, but here in the UK, it's a big ol' embarkment into adulthood. But how about one last hoohar before you say goodbye to your teens for good? Give it up, you're past twen-teen now folks. And you don't look a day over 18, of course! With Manchester hailed as one of the coolest cities in the UK, it's no wonder that so many flock here for the big 2-1. From tiki haunts and plush party booths, to treasure chest cocktails and venue hire, check out our recommendations for the best bars to spend your 21st birthday in Manchester.

Last updated on 6th November 2019


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Gorilla is a big party palace with some of the best DJs in Manchester. It's the ultimate cool bar, with a 600 capacity live music venue, a club space and a more relaxing gin parlour too. Gorilla is just off Oxford Road and is a great spot for your Manchester party - look out for their legendary 'Block Party' and 'Gold Teeth' club nights.

Lola Lo Manchester

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2-4-1 Cocktails all night on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Sunday and 6 other offers

So you've taken a baby step into your twenties and you're freaking out, we've all been there. Get away from it all in this tiki tropical haven and slurp at cocktails in flamingo mugs, of every size and colour, on a holiday you don't have to pack for.