Free Cocktails Are Coming To Manchester From This Quirky Vending Machine

Published . By Georgia Evans.

Hatch Old Fashioned Vending Machine | Manchester Bar News | DesignMyNight

Pop-up container village Hatch will be playing host to the unique wooden vending machine.

Fancy getting an old fashioned on tap? Well these dreams will soon be reality as Manchester is getting its own vending machine pouring them out, free of charge.

The large wooden contraption from The Woodsman whisky will serve the cocktails up after guests have a fiddle with the levers and wheels, making for a fun and interactive way to get your hands on the classic creation. It’ll be proudly displayed at Hatch, located just beneath the Mancunian Way on Oxford Road, from this month onwards.

The Woodsman's wooden vending machine will be set up from the 10th May at Hatch, Oxford Road, Manchester, M1 7ED. Opening hours vary.