Best Arcades In Manchester

When grown up life gets mundane, it's time to take a trip back to the good old days and revisit your childhood with help from the best arcade bars in Manchester. These adult-friendly playgrounds will see you getting tipsy on cocktails while attempting to beat your mates at everything from Space Invaders to Donkey Kong, racing games and more. And once the winners have been crowned? Load up on messy food or take to the dancefloor for late-night DJ sets.  

Last edited by Talia Stanton

Last updated on 30th November 2023

Dog Bowl

A free arcade in Manchester where simply buying a drink gives you access to the consoles? That's the Dog Bowl way. Get your fill of Space Invaders and Guitar Hero before retiring to the bowling lanes to find out who the real winner is. Play and drink quirky cocktails until 2am every night of the week, with a late kitchen closure for those midnight hunger pangs. 


1UP is a retro arcade in Manchester that oozes nostalgia. With old-school consoles, pinball machines and decor inspired by the classics, from Pac-Man and Donkey Kong, it's the ultimate throwback destination for die-hard gamers. The bar also encourages social gaming by hosting tournaments. Chicken wings and cocktails will be keeping you energised. 

DNA VR Manchester

As one of the most futuristic arcades in Manchester city centre, DNA VR will transport you to different worlds through the power of virtual reality. This immersive technology allows you to fight zombies, break out of prison, set sail on a pirate ship and much more. From escape rooms to shooter games, have a memorable weekend as you leave normal life behind.