Whisky Bars in Manchester

From arguments over its spelling and some seriously strong flavours to its delicious roots within history, whisky may be an acquired taste, but for those that enjoy it, nothing can seem to beat it. With many a Manchester bar boasting a top notch selection of the tipple, there's no shortage of places to choose from, whether you're a Jack's man or a single malt lass. Check out our recommendations for some of the best whisky bars in Manchester, and lock your lips around a liquid that is more commonly known in Gaelic as 'the water of life'.

Last updated on 31st October 2019

A famed whisky spot in Manchester, The Briton's Protection boasts more than 300 bottles of the stuff. That's not its only quirky feature, the space also has a mural of the Peterloo Massacre, a little beer garden, and plenty of real ale for those wanting to switch it up.

The Whiskey Jar

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The name says it all at this Northern Quarter spot that aims not to just feed you full of whisky, but also teach you a thing or two. The Whisky Jar boasts some seriously rare bottles of the amber liquor, and if you're a novice make sure to check out one of their masterclasses.

The Range

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What goes with a round of golf? A wee dram of whisky and this unique Manchester experience bar is combining both under one roof. Head over to The Range's virtual course to swing your way across some of the best spots in the world, all while you work your way through an extensive whisky selection.

Trof Northern Quarter

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Boasting some of the most serious Northern Quarter cool thanks to its industrial interiors and delicious atmosphere, Trof are top Manchester trumps for a drink in the city. But what about if you want that drink to be more than whisky orientated? With their very own specially dedicated bourbon bar, and a selection of whiskies including the likes of blended Jim Beam cocktails, Trof are creative with the way in which they serve their tipple.

The Gaslamp

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One of Manchester's elusive secret bars, The Gaslamp also has a huge list of whisky, from the Highlands to the Lowlands; from Japan to the US. Stop by this date-perfect spot for a unique and rare collection of some of the best bottles in the world.


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With a whisky collection that spans ten years of hard work, Sandbar has an eclectic and unusual choice of drinks. The sustainable restaurant reckons they have more than 200 bottles in stock - don't attempt to work your way through it without some of their sourdough pizza in your belly.