Right in the heart of Stevenson’s Square sits a new, Japanese drinking joint: Lost in Tokyo. We went to grab a far eastern drink or two.

Located next to Guilty by Association and underneath PLY, Lost in Tokyo is an underground den bringing a welcome oriental twist to Manchester’s Northern Quarter. Paper lanterns hang above spacious leather booths and a large mural of a female Japanese street-fighter intensifies the sultry vibe. The décor brings together playful allusions to Japanese-inspired popular culture, and unsurprisingly, the drinks menu follows suit…

lost in tokyo review manchester cocktails

Lost in Tokyo is both a humble nod to culture, and a stunning nod to cocktails all at the very same time. 

Ryu vs. Ken

We couldn’t come to Manchester’s own Tokyo hangout without sampling a trendy Japanese whiskey cocktail now, could we? Akashi Japanese whiskey, Lapsong Suchong tea, lemon juice, sugar, bitters made for an intense drink. In-keeping with its name, the Ryu vs. Ken packed an anime-style punch.

Lost in Translation

Caribbean flava meets Asian sha-zang. Every bar needs a spiced rum, fresh ginger, pineapple and vanilla concoction.

Memoirs of a Geisha

Not easily forgotten. A foamy strawberry delight in a martini glass... with alcohol in it. Ask yourself this: what more do you need? Made with split vanilla vodka, wild strawberry, lemongrass and apple juice. I want another one right now please.

Tokyo Iced Tea

Because Japan is actually an archipelago (according to Wikipedia, anyway). What do you get when you mix vodka, Fuji apple liqueur, lychee, lemonade, apple juice and lemon juice? A lovely, lychee drink, that’s what.

lost in tokyo cocktails manchester bar review

Bold, and brimming with attitude, the cocktails at Lost In Tokyo aren't like anything else that you might find in the city. Baby Godzilla

The product of skilled alchemy and playfulness, this cocktail came in a measuring glass beaker with a rather ferocious monster (read: small, plastic toy dinosaur) perched among the mint leaves. Havana rum, passion fruit purée, midori green melon, pink grapefruit, mint and lime made a sweet tribute to the classic film.

Spirited Away

Spirits, be gone! This one’s for the winos and bubbly boozers. Okay, so there may be a splash of peach liqueur in there, but the prosecco, peach purée, vanilla, and orange blossom water stole the show.

Lost in Tokyo is a must-try newbie on the block when it comes to cocktails and the very best of Japanese whiskey. If you’re ever walking past, you should definitely kimono in.