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Amsterdam-Inspired CBD Café Lands In Manchester

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Published . By Georgia Evans.

NQ Hemp


Now Open

No, we're not blowing smoke... A CBD and vaping café has opened in the Northern Quarter. Inspired by travels to Amsterdam, Hemp focuses on the legal stuff that comes from cannabis, serving up cannabidiol-infused beers, cocktails and vapes.

To break it down, CBD (cannabidiol) is the non-psychoactive part of the plant, but in recent years it's become a part of the wellness hype for its pain-relieving qualities. At Hemp, they're adding the extract into drinks like the Sour Diesel with Jack Daniels Honey and the Smokey Joe which is made with Dead Man's Fingers hemp-infused rum. 

That's not all though, as they also sell vape fluids with hemp oils, including lavender, astaxanthin and broad spectrum 10% variations. To cater to their young demographic? They're throwing in videogames as well. So next time visitors to the Northern Quarter feel like they need a little stress relief, Hemp is on-hand with infused goodies and some old-school consoles.