We tested immersive experience Welcome Home to see if it would change our lives

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Welcome Home Immersive Experience in London Review

Part-psychedelic, part-hypnotic, part-self-reflective, you'll get as much as you put into this immersive experience in London.

I’m a pretty cynical guy, to the point where I’m more likely to roll my eyes if a ghost shouted ‘boo’ in my face than jump, so the thought of going to an event that is supposed to ‘shift my understanding about our connection to the universe’ fills me with the kind of dread reserved for when the buskers hop onto the Piccadilly Line. But Infinite Experience’s ‘Welcome Home’ at the Apiary Studios actually affected me, in a way.

The intimate shows hold a maximum of six people, which means that, for a lot of it, the focus is squarely on you. From the moment you walk through the door the actors are on, and across three different rooms they each have a role in challenging your perception of both yourself and how you fit into the world around you. It’s hard to describe without giving too much away, because not expecting anything gives them the chance to catch you off guard and then learn something. Which they did. Just beware: there is a bit of hand-holding, but it’s nothing you haven’t experienced before if you’ve attempted to get on the Northern Line at 6pm.

Welcome Home is currently at Apiary Studios in Bethnal Green and you can get tickets for £25. Buy your tickets here