Flight Club Weekender: Brunch Review

Last updated . By Isabella Wardynska.

Winner of 'Best New Venue' in the prestigious #DMNAwards, Flight Club has (to put it mildly) absolutely smashed it since opening late last year. Who knew darts would be the one? What’s more, is they took something that was already great and honed in on London's big love for boozy brunches to make what's arguably the best brunch experience going. Serious.

The Venue

If you haven't been in, then you're in all the wrong places. It's spacious, cool and a social hub with dedicated oches where the darts throwing unfolds. Unfussed and definitely an upgrade on any pubbing darts stations you may have had the pleasure of dabbling in at your local boozer, Flight Club is the new age of digital gaming concepts. Animated games, digital scoring, touch screen interaction and even a camera for your personalised darts profile (yes you will be publicly shamed for losing) all make Flight Club a unique, fun environment. 

Flight Club

Tip: aim for the darts board. 

The Event

People might think it's 'overrated' and 'the hype will die down', but I don't care for those people. Because they are wrong. So if you love drinking, brunching and social gaming then the Flight Club Brunch Social is where you need to be.

Combining those three components the line-up consists of: a bottle of prosecco per person, endless pizza and a solid darts session (spread over 2 hours). Paddles and paddles of thin crust, freshly baked pizza are paraded around for the full 2 hours. Some of the house favourites were the Three Cheese & Caramelised Red Onions, Pork & Fennel Sausage with Smoked Mozzerella and Sriracha Chilli as well as the Cured Salami and Mozzerella. You never go hungry and you definitely never go thirsty. Great success.

As for the darts, whether you're an avid darter or not, it's made a fun, interactive experience where competition can get as heated as you like. With Killer, Demolition Darts and Shanghai games to play you can go in singles or doubles and slosh back Prosecco as you go. Because Prosecco makes everything better. 

Flight Club Brunch

Too many pizzas, too many many pizzas.

The Atmosphere 

With sittings from 12pm-2pm and 2pm-4pm across the weekend, this place gets some pick up. Bound to be a success from the get go, they had a full house the Saturday we went down and they were good to accommodate friendship groups, happy to make sure you're all enjoying it together. Whether you're in a couple or there's a few of you, it's a social affair and everyone gets their fair spread of Prosecco, pizza and darts time. 

Flight Club Brunch

The motley crew.

The Summary

Probably the best Prosecco pardy in Shoreditch - Flight Club Brunch is a pretty boss weekender and for £30 a pop, it's well worth the dollar.