The Adventure Bar family is renowned across London for their knowledge of cocktails, tasty lookin' dishes and fun time party atmosphere throughout the week. When the guys over at Adventure Bar Clapham Junction invited me over for dinner, drinks and dancing, I just couldn't resist...

The Venue

I walked into Adventure Bar on a Tuesday evening where I was greeted by a smiling personable bartender. My first thought when I entered was ‘that is one massive beer pong table’ and my second thought being, ‘Why have I never heard of this place before ’? This little gem is hidden away on the high street of Clapham North.

Adventure Bar Clapham Junction Front

Adventure Bar Clapham Junction attracts a cool crowd of late-night London partiers. 

The Ambience and Clientele

One can see the American aspect in their décor and design. However, there is a definite contrast in the decoration itself. Dangling light bulbs from the ceiling, an electric sign flashing at the other end, simple wall panels which are then opposed by a brick wall with a giant hot dog painted on it with the saying, ‘Hot Dogging On Clapham Common’. There was a great sense of community and a surging energy in the atmosphere, whether you were intoxicated or not, you could feel it in your veins. The clientele was young, animated, and interactive. It’s the place to visit to relax, unwind and let your hair down. They even let the customers pick the music all night and it was amazing to see how many Rihanna lovers are out there.

This bar in Clapham Junction offers a stylish interior and a buzzing atmosphere. 

The Food and Drinks

‘Take over Tuesday’ is their weekly event where customers are welcomed to go behind the bar and learn how to create their favourite cocktail. Inspired by Tom Cruise’s movie, Cocktail , customers can now learn new techniques in pouring, mixing and blending and even their cocktail menu is a blast from the past. It is creatively placed in a video cassette cover of the bar-tending classic. The bartender was so talented as he knew how to make about 130 cocktails, I even had the privilege to make a drink that was not even on the menu. I also had their special cocktail, ‘King Pong’, where I received my very own ping pong ball placed in it. 

The food was comforting and value for my money. Two main meals for ten pounds! It’s a bargain that one should not miss. Their newly introduced American menu is simplistic yet sinfully succulent. Offering the most common American dishes, yet they still managed to present them in the most mouthwatering way with portions being just the right size. I definitely recommend their Mac n’ Cheese balls as a starter and their ‘Ron Burgerndy’ burger as a main. Like their names, even their desserts are not conventional as they are all in the form of a liquid.

Adventure Bar Clapham Junction Vodka

Cocktails are key at Adventure Bar Clapham Junction. 


I definitely recommend ‘Take over Tuesday’ but at Adventure Bar, every night there is a different event or another great offer waiting to be used by you. I learnt the technique of pouring and mixing, albeit I was not as capable as the bartender or Tom Cruise. This venue is completely affordable and is a fantastic that caters to the type of night you are looking for, be it, quiet or a fun rager. Adventure Bar lets you create your own adventure for the night.