Bang Bang Hawker Kitchen + Bar Bang Bang Hawker Kitchen + Bar says Xin Chào to Whitehall's eager diners
Whitehall, London, SW1A 2HP
Happily Affordable ££

What they say:

This venue is now open in Boxpark Croydon as well.

Based in the heart of the capital, the team behind the successful Bang Bang Vietnamese Canteen on Warren Street now open a second spot in the never-sleeping Whitehall area. Hoping to recapturing the wonderfully intense atmosphere of Hanoi's sun-baked, bustling streets, Bang Bang Hawker Kitchen + Bar will plate up traditional Vietnamese delicacies. Think Goi Cuon Duck Rolls, delicious Pho and chargrilled Pork Bao.

What we say:

Appearing in the capital a few years ago, Vietnamese food is now all the rage in London. But thankfully, it's remained quirky enough to ensure that enthusiasts always experience quality dining. The quaint, somewhat rustic feel of this Vietnamese street-food restaurant will undoubtedly clash beautifully with the stiff, buttoned-up world of Westminster. But crucially, having already succeeded on Warren Street, the high-standards and stunning dishes on offer are certain to draw in the crowds.