Wolf Hungry like the Wolf - contemporary Italian restaurant to open in Stoke Newington
110 Stoke Newington High Street, London, N16 9AL
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What they say:

Stoke Newington has got an Italian restaurant in the form of Wolf, a contemporary eatery opened in August. The restaurant serves fresh seafood, simple flavours and stellar coffee along with an Italian brunch. The wine list is heavy on Italian bottles and the bar has also home-infused its own spirits. 

What we say:

Who doesn't love Italian food? Literally no one. But there's more to this great nation than just pizza and pasta, and Wolf, opened up in Stoke Newington in August, showcases all the flavours. The head chef is rumoured to be from Polpo, so there are traditional dishes spun into bite-sized chunks; Wolf's Instagram hints at whole squid and tomatoes fresh from a nursery in Essex.