Perilla Perilla couples fine cuisine with casual dining in Newington Green
1-3 Green Lanes, London, N16 9BS
Happily Affordable ££

What they say:

Hoping to replicate the success of their pop-up on a more permanent basis, chef Ben Marks and frontman Matt Emerson take their Perilla name and will be opening a new restaurant in Newington Green. Using only the freshest ingredients and meats available, they'll offer diners contemporary takes on a selection of classic European dishes - think fried duck egg with chopped mussels and parsley. Supported by an impressive international wine list and an array of spirits made by some of London's best small-batch distillers, the team hope to serve stunning dishes in an easy going atmosphere. 

What we say:

Though it might be ironic, the angle of applying new, contemporary takes to classic recipes is not new in London. But although competition will be fierce, Perilla will have experience on its side. Both Marks and Emerson have worked in successful eateries before, and will know exactly what it takes to excel. The menu will, of course, be exquisite, and if they manage to keep things light in their restaurant whilst continuing to plate up high-quality dishes, there's no reason this pairing can't reach new peaks.