Old Tom & English Quintessential British delights grace Soho's new nook
187b Wardour Street, London, W1F 8ZB
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What they say:

Vintage English features and classical fodder characterise this Soho basement hideout. Expect bespoke decants and ornate glassware reminicent of 1960s luxe with tones of grey-washed walls to match. The decor inspires an elegant dining experience with charming brass accents and strong marble features. Old Tom & English exudes a relaxed demeanor through a menu of small sharing plates and quintessential British flavours of pork, cockles, black pudding and the punter favourite fish & chips. 

What we say:

Reviving the classical 18th Century traditions of Old Tom Gin, Old Tom & English reinstates the theatrical finesse of fine dining customs. Serving up vintage cocktails of barrel aged Gin, gimlets and Highgate Negronis the brother and sister powerhouse Costas & Maria Constantinou have developed an Old Soho meets New Soho spirit in their Wardour Street space. With a palate of unpretentious British food on the menu and plenty of 1960s design features, this Soho restaurant is an opulent reincarnation of polished pleasures and swanky eatery. A strict reservations only policy applies folks so get in there quick for some decadent dining.