Flavour Bastard Flavour Bastard is bringing, uh, bastardised global dishes to Soho
63-64 Frith Street, London, W1D 3JW
Happily Affordable ££
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What they say:

Is it an insult? Is it a command? Is it a Scottish version of a mildly famous early 00s rapper with a giant clock? No, it’s a new restaurant in Soho serving up a menu of global cuisine. Well, we say ‘global’, but it’s been described as ‘cuisine-agnostic’, because each dish is an amalgamation of different flavours from around the world. Basically, dishes born out of wedlock. A bastard of different flavours. GET IT. But it’s not all about the food: the flavours extend to their 20-seater bar, where they serve up their own house beer alongside wine cocktails and sake.

What we say:

Namesake aside, the dishes themselves are interesting, with the menu split between tiny plates, small plates, and large plates (which are the small ones in big form). For tiny, expect dishes like the curious white lentil, chorizo and pecorino doughnuts, whereas small plates come in the form of things like steamed rice cakes with house kimchi, sesame and ssam – a lettuce wrapping. Finish off your meal with a Mayan-spiced milk chocolate and brownie mousse with a spoonful of lavender ice-cream (presumably sans-human sacrifice) and washed down by one of their house beers.