Dirty Bones Carnaby Delectable Dirty Bones cleans itself up for pristine Kingly Court
Kingly Court Kingly Street, London, W1B 5PW

What they say:

Dirty Bones is London's guilty pleasure. With a flagship restaurant in the opulent area of Kensington, it's established a well-deserved reputation for delivering incredible comfort food. Now expanding their culinary empire to Soho, this in-and-out style venue perfectly compliment's their menu. Succulent burgers slathered in sauce and topped with flavoursome Mac 'n' Cheese produce an explosion of sensations as soon as it touches the tongue. Add some eye-watering chilli dogs and intriguing cocktails to this and you've got yourself a darn good, hearty treat.

What we say:

This American-themed eatery is operating within a crowded market. The recent wave of barbecue and southern-inspired restaurants popping up all over the capital has brought some of the most flavoursome creations and culinary experiments right to our front door. But on the other side of the coin, these Southern treats are no longer that niche. That said, Dirty Bones has managed to out-fry its competitors and has risen to the top of London's comfort-food market. Everything on their menu is delectable. Their thicker-than-thick burgers somehow find the right balance between heart-clogging and mouth-watering, while their perfectly spiced, buttermilk chicken wings are wonderfully enhanced by the joint's special mushroom and barbecue sauce. In our eyes, you'll struggle to find better.