Bó Drake East Asian BBQ Makes Waves In Soho
6 Greek Street, London, W1D 4DE
Happily Affordable ££
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What they say:

Jan Lee's interesting personal history is tied up in this culinary adventure in Soho. Having watched his parents grow food their food businesses on the Scottish border as a child as well as making many trips to their original home country in Hong Kong, and then later travelling more extensively in the East on his own and with family and friends, the multi-talented chef was no stranger to the intricacies of the Asian food industry.

Even meeting his wife was a formative experience that went some way to crafting the Bó Drake concept as Lee states that through her, he was introduced to 'the life changing, fiery and flavoursome Korean cuisine'. This 50-cover restaurant and bar looks set to take the most interesting elements from its wide range of international influences, with its 18th century interiors, locally sourced British produce, spirited Soho surroundings and worldly dedicated frontman.

What we say:

We're excited about this restaurant bar - eagerly imagining how wonder-child Jan Lee will be using his experience in what seems like every facet of the bar experience to create a stand out spot on Soho's crowded strip... We're wondering how his degree from Glasgow School of Art might rear its head in the creation of the bar's physical design, having heard that a lots of lovely oak and ceramics will be involved in creating a chic, utilitarian interior. 

We're also thinking about how his stint as a Sh*t Disco band's frontman might contribute to a perfectly curated playlist for the atmosphere, or possibly even go towards giving the space a rock 'n' roll libertine atmosphere in keeping with Soho's history. Most importantly though, we're daydreaming about how Lee's interesting mixed bag of a cultural heritage will influence the flavours that we will be tasting in the cocktails and dishes in front of us come opening night.