Hidden below in the depths of Soho is Blacklock, a contemporary Deep South Smokehouse serving chargrilled specialty cuts of meat, comforting sides and a select range of very reasonably priced and punchy cocktails.


Hovering my foot over the first step down into this candescent cellar, I felt a ravenous hunger creep over me as the first waft of smoky chops and ash-smoked sweet potato reached my cold rosy nose. Blacklock's interior is decorated with a mix of natural materials; wooden tables, bare brick walls and a white-washed concrete flooring. The room is divided with high topped dark wooden bar tables and a large communal table centred within small cosy dining areas for 2-4 diners. It has a rather old fashioned feel created by the blend of a mahogany, light brown and black colour scheme, reflective of the wood fire, burning hot coals and the heavy iron grates used to sear the fresh meat and barbecued side items.

Follow the scent of smoky chops through an unassuming black door and towards a stripped-back haven for meat and cocktails.

Atmosphere & Clientele

Having been seated in the bar area for our first drink - mine a nice strong Negroni cocktail to begin - we decided to stay put at our high top bar table (with a great little corner view of the room) and enjoy a slightly more informal dinner. Along with my friend and I meeting up for a long-awaited gossip, the room was composed of a mix of friends, colleagues and carnivorous groups of males and females visiting for the infamous chops and £5 cocktails - yes this is no Happy Hour deal ladies and gents; there really is such a place, in Central London, serving deliciously strong and cheerfully cheap cocktails for a fiver!

Blacklock's £5 cocktails are a huge hit with Soho's after-work crowd.

Food & Drink

The food was, in all meanings of the word, divine. Persuaded to go for the All In option - pre-chop bites, all of today’s skinny chops piled on chargrilled flat bread and a side each for £20 per person - the feast quickly ascended across the table, tantalising all our senses and conjuring up what I can imagine was a meat lover's dream.

The star of the show was of course the mountain of chops piled on top of the thick sliced flatbread soaking up all the meaty juices. To accompany the chops was Beef Dripping Chips (£3) 10-hour Ash Roasted Sweet Potato (£3) and, in an attempt to justify our indulgence sat a lovely green side dish of Kale - which in my opinion was seasoned to perfection. We finished off our evening with a glass of Prosecco and a sharing dish of homemade cheesecake, served in homely style and dished out at your table. The only fault made by the waitress as she spooned out the cheesecake was asking "is that enough, any more?"... I was very tempted to respond "the whole dish please!"

You've just got to go all-in at Blacklock, and save some room for a hearty portion of cheesecake afterwards.


Whether you’re at the end of your tether with Oxford Circus shopping or out after work and looking for a bite to eat at somewhere guaranteed to please, then Blacklock is definitely not a place to be walked on by. Keep your wits about you though, the entrance is an unassuming black door and could be easily missed amid the hustle and bustle of Soho's streets!