Absurd Bird Soho Absurd Bird spreads its wings and lands a new site in vibrant Soho
25 Peter Street, London, W1F 0AH
Happily Affordable ££

What they say:

After achieving an unprecedented amount of success with their first site on Commercial Street, the team behind Absurd Bird soar into Soho. With a long list of Southern recipes up their sleeves, the chefs, bartenders and restaurateurs behind this new venture will plate up some of the finest Southern-inspired dishes in town. From Popcorn Chicken in a Waffle cone and a flavoursome Spinach and Artichoke dip, to Buffalo Wings and Jalapeno Mac'N'Cheese, each dish explodes of the palette and offers every customer a little taste of the heat and spice that's come to define life in America's South.

What we say:

Of course, Southern-inspired cuisine isn't new to London; every other new restaurant seems to offer the same spice experiences and similar fried dishes. That said, the team at Absurd Bird seem to have a winning formula. It would be incorrect to label their menu as run-of-the-mill. Instead, it's full of quirky culinary creations and original takes on traditional recipes. Adding to that - and really helping to stick out its beak further than the rest - the restaurant's very own range of 'Absurd Lager' and 'Absurd Moonshine' will neatly round things off, helping to smooth over any rough edges and cracks that might appear.