Patty & Bun Redchurch DJs and cocktails on the menu for Patty & Bun's latest offering
36 Redchurch Street, London, E2 7PD
Happily Affordable ££
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What they say:

When founder Joe Grossman had the idea for a food truck selling burgers, he perhaps didn't envisage the huge success of Patty & Bun, now opening its fifth restaurant on Redchurch Street. Keeping the essential components such as patties made from premium quality meat and loaded with toppings, the Redchurch Street branch aims to go from mere burger joint, to cool late-night hang-out. As well as the restaurant upstairs, a downstairs basement bar with DJ sets and a cocktail list unique to Redchurch street will open up for those who want something a little stronger.

What we say:

It would have been easy for Patty & Bun to stick to the same crazily-popular method when opening up their fifth restaurant, but instead, like true burger pioneers (the best kind), they've mixed up their formula once again. Unique to the Redchurch Street venue there will be a downstairs basement cocktail bar complete with their signature quirky one-off recipes and regular DJ sets. What makes this particularly exciting is that there's now double reason to visit, if you're hungry then those amazing burgers are upstairs, and if you want a cocktail and a good starting point for your night out, there's the bar - see you there...