New bar spy - KuPP. Paddington

KuPP. sets sail on Little Venice

KuPP. Paddington

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What they say:

'Simple things. Done just right.' This motto really works at KuPP., where fresh ingredients and traditional dishes are cooked to perfection and thoughtfully prepared  on their tantalizing journey to your plate. Tuck into these delicious dishes and order a tasty tipple on the side for a sophisticated sojourn in a picturesque location. Because you deserve your own little getaway!

What we say:

This stylish stunner of a venue hits all the right spots, with fantastic views of the river from window seats, beautiful interior complete with bare brickwork walls, fluorescent wall hangings, mosaic flooring and funky green light fixtures for a sophisticated but relaxed setting. With the freshest of ingredients for full flavour dishes, these treats are not to be missed out on by you, your date or your mates.