Heist Bank Beer + Pizza + Flowers = Heist Bank (of course)
5 North Wharf Road, London, W2 1LA
Happily Affordable ££
Type of Venue

What they say:

From the Urban Leisure Group (Ask for Janice, The Gallery and The Elgin) comes a new restaurant bar venue in Paddington. Seizing a commercial space not far from views of the canal, Heist Bank is the latest in social dining where craft beer, wood-fired pizzas and fresh flowers take centre stage. A relaxing set-up is made complete with a pool table and plenty of hangout areas making for one informal, social space. 

What we say:

Dominating London's market for informal and social drinking and dining spaces, the Urban Leisure Group have come hot of the tails of their Coin Laundry opening to present their latest communal restaurant and bar venue. Continuing their trend for little quirks and stand-out detail, Heist Bank is said to have fresh garden blooms to give you a scented experience. And who isn't all over some pizza, local beer and flower action? We're definitely on board with this crafty concept.