Farmacy Cure your food follies at new vegan eatery Farmacy
74-76 Westbourne Grove, London, W2 5SH
Happily Affordable ££

What they say:

Patrons of Farmacy will be feeling good and looking good once the incoming vegan eatery and bar opens its doors at the end of the month. Farmacy's all-natural approach to usual carnivorous favourites will aim to invigorate with markedly wholesome menu items such as a millet, black bean, and mushroom burger, Middle East Super Bowl, and probiotic spirulina 'yoghurt'. Cocktails and juices will also be kicked up a few nutritious notches through additions of cayenne pepper and various oils.

What we say:

Laughter might be the best medicine to some, but we believe that good food can cure so much more than just a good joke. Forego those usual grease-monster comforts and get to Farmacy for something that will give your aching soul a palpable plant-based glow. Complete with a hearty, healthful menu and oil-infused tipples (from the usual flaxseed to the slightly-more-scandalous cannabis), Farmacy will bring an entirely new meaning to the world of culinary and cocktail hangover cures.