The Harcourt The Harcourt: A dark horse emerges in Marylebone... and no, we're not talking about a Lloyds Bank being opened.
32 Harcourt Street, London, W1H 4HX
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What they say:

A short saunter from the stylish Marylebone High Street, The Harcourt is an elegant restaurant bar that delivers a menu of dishes that are packed full with flavour. Whilst toting a traditionally simplistic pub front, this venue is intentionally elegant in its unassuming design. Inside you'll find a sophisticated space that serves up a comprehensive selection of exceptional drinks, and a menu of delectable dishes... all without any pretence or pomposity. 

What we say:

Mastering the art of inconspicuousness, this self-effacing venue is dwarfed by the impressively imposing Ulrika Eleonora Swedish Church. But let your eyes wander and you just might spot a weathered sign of a blackened Dala horse. Let it lure you inside, away from the profane streets of London, and you'll be greeted by a warm, sophisticated space - not quite a speakeasy, more of an unassumingly decadent haven. The thick marble-topped bar boasts an eclectic mix of booze whilst the kitchen rustles up a menu of tasty treats. Let your curiosity lead you upstairs and you'll even discover a verdantly-decorated garden room that's flushed with lush greens, ivy-coated walls and hanging plants. A gem.