Over Easy Marylebone's Over Easy gives all-day brunch a grown-up, sophisticated twist
31 Duke Street, London, W1U 1LG
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What they say:

Having been inspired by Melbourne's cafe culture and America's love of big-style breakfast, Over Easy is bringing the simple, all-day brunch to Marylebone. There is a range of smaller, snack-like dishes such as granola or stone fruit salad, or larger more filling dishes such as Crab Benedict with avocada crema or their version of an English breakfast with spicy beans and confit tomatoes. Coffee is from Allpress in Dalston and the restaurant also serves cocktails, wine and beer, making it a great spot for after work as well.

What we say:

If the mere mention of the words 'all-day brunch' have you salivating at the thought of bacon wafts after 12pm, then boy have we found the place for you. Over Easy is opening up in Marylebone, and yes, yes, we all know all-day brunch is nothing revolutionary, but what makes this restaurant stand out from the crowd is their simple, clean and classy approach to everything. Rather than present brunch as a novelty with lashings of alcohol, it's given a grown-up sophisticated vibe here, with crab rather than smoked salmon and puffed pancakes served with almond praline. Luckily there is still alcohol, it is brunch after all, but the list is very much wine and spritzer heavy. Didn't think brunch could get any better? Well it just bloody did.