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Leicester Square Kitchen brings Peruvian and Mexican sharing plates to the West End

Leicester Square Kitchen

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What they say:

This venue follows in the same vein of its sister venues May Fair Kitchen and Monmouth Kitchen by offering a menu packed with delicious sharing plates. However, instead of Mediterranean or British food, the focus is on South and Central American cuisine, with dishes like robata-grilled Pisco-glazed smoked paprika ribs and lime and Mexican-inspired Mayan-spiced marinated chicken ensalada.

What we say:

Is it just me or does Peruvian food feel a bit under-loved in London lately? Luckily, you lovers of South American food are in for a treat: Leicester Square Kitchen is opening up in that famous cinema-filled square to put your pining stomachs to rest. With the focus on smaller sharing plates, you can get your hands on many of the tasty dishes, such as tiger prawn soft tacos with spicy papaya habanero salsa. Desserts will be packed with the South American flavours, utilising coconut, lime, guava and mango, while the cocktail list derives influence from the countries also, with mixes like Aztec Negroni with Maestro Dobel Humito (a silver smoked tequila, for those not in the know) and bitters.