New bar spy - Dishoom King's Cross

Dishoom dynasty takes to King's Cross

Dishoom King's Cross

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Nov '14

What they say:

The Dishoom empire expands once more into the fitting old town aesthetic of Granary Square in King's Cross. Ruling the market in all things Indian cuisine, Dishoom's dwelling in King's Cross is steeped in Bombayite heritage, owing to the revival of the turn of the century Bombay Cafe. The food, as always, compliments this style through and through, but this time it is the fresh invention of a sugar cane juice and cocktail which expands on the already established expertise of Dishoom. Sip on this succulently sweet concoction in the deluxe Permit Room basement bar area. 

What we say:

The latest Dishoom is the ultimate out of its predecessors estates. Spread across a 3 floor site clad with antique furniture reminiscent of Colonial Indian finishes and capturing the forgotten elegance of Bombay's cafe's, this Dishoom only adds to the charming ancestry behind the series of Irani influenced cafes. Dine in elegance and the spice filled air for a taste of authentic Bombay culture.