Raj of Kensington Take a culinary trip back to Imperial India at Raj of Kensington
1 Abingdon Road, London, W8 6AH
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What they say:

A modern twist on traditional, Indian cuisine, Raj of Kensington invites diners and take away patrons to embark on a journey back to the times of the Empire. Placing a large focus on regional-specific dishes, Raj's roster is heavy with everything from expected, delectable classics to highly unique options that are most definitely not to be found at just any old Indian food eatery. Wine, cocktails, and desserts round out the comprehensive menu, and will surely satiate the craving for a taste bud adventure.

What we say:

Raj of Kensington certainly did not end up in the posh part of town by accident. This Indian food restaurant is looking to add that sense of nostalgic, royal elegance to its menu and atmosphere, and we think that it fully delivers on both. An overwhelming large selection of old, new, and everything in between, it serves as a solution when you need some culinary colour in your life. As an added bonus, the exotic, gin-based cocktails add that little element of fun with unexpected flavour twists and names like, 'Maharaja-tini' and 'Last Days of Raj'.