Fancy Fizz & Scones: Does This Kensington Hotel Knock Up The Best Afternoon Tea?

When my mum was visiting from New York, she had one request: go to an afternoon tea in London. And knowing my mother, I knew she wanted a quintessentially British one at that. So there I was, scouring for the lushest offerings around until I stumbled upon The Milestone Hotel and Residencies. We were lucky enough to go to their royal afternoon tea for two (£190) and we were well excited especially after looking at the venue’s Insta. Did it live up to the hype though? And more importantly, did it get my mum’s stamp of approval?

Milestone Hotel & Residencies Afternoon Tea | DesignMyNight

Their afternoon tea packages are quali-tea.

Moments away from the Royal Albert Hall and opposite of Kensington Palace, the stroll towards the hotel was ever-so-scenic. Upon entering the venue, we were brought to the Park Lounge and instantly felt cosy vibes with the space’s open fireplace. The English surroundings were undeniable as we gawked at rich mahogany furniture, luxe armchairs, and antique bookcases.

We kicked things off with a glass of Lanson Le Black Reserve. Crisp and well-balanced, the bubbly exuded a fruity finesse perfect for pairing with something sweet. After sipping a bit of Champagne, we moved on to our tea. My mum and I both opted for the Planters’ Breakfast, which is an award-winning tea found in the Dimbula Valley. While we went for rather traditional choices, you can nab unique flavours such as jasmine green, peppermint leaves and mango sunshine. If that doesn’t wet your whistle, you can also get coffee for those looking for their caffeine fix.

Milestone Hotel & Residencies Park Lounge | DesignMyNight

Tiny treats with huge flavour.

And now for that three-tiered beau-tea. We were given an array of finger sandwiches and pastries all of which were delicately made and Insta-worthy. One of my favourite sandwiches was the roasted and smoked salmon married together with crème fraiche, lemon and dill. The dill really brought out the freshness of the fish while the wholemeal bread holding it together was a nice base. Another winner in my books was the beetroot and goat cheese sandwich, accentuated by a zesty basil chutney. I also liked having a slightly sweeter sandwich in an array of savoury ones. The only one I wasn’t crazy about was the chicken and mayo one with roasted almonds. While the nuts added a bit of texture, the flavours were nothing out of the ordinary.

We then moved on to the pastries. While I’m not a huge fan of desserts, each miniature cake was crafted with a unique aesthetic and boy did they deliver. The rosemary and plum olive oil cake was definitely a standout as the oil added moistness to the cake, which was elevated by hints of rosemary and fruit. By far, my favourite treat was the coffee and cardamom macaron. While the texture of the green biscuit was nice and crisp, the crème inside was oozing with a piney flavour. Think a slightly spiced version of the traditional French dessert.

This grandiose hotel in London is quite the British beaut.

Finally, we were given our plain and raisin scones with homemade strawberry jam and clotted cream. I’m not going to lie; we were both stuffed at that point, so we decided to get these for takeaway (whatever you don’t finish, the staff are happy to box those goods up for you). But as soon as our bellies were rumbling again, we gobbled those bad boys up. The scones were buttery and rich and paired to perfection with a little slather of jam.

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Hands down one of the best afternoon teas in London, The Milestone really delivered on the classic British experience. Oh, and it most definitely got a 10/10 from my mum. Fab for tourists and locals alike, the venue is perfect for special occasions. Boasting beaut décor and traditional finishes throughout, their packages really promise luxury and more importantly good food. While it may be on the pricier side, it’s definitely worth checking out so you can sip some tea, nibble on sandwiches and revel in gorgeous surrounds. 

  💰 The damage: £190 for royal afternoon tea and a half bottle of Champagne.

  📍  The location: 1-3 Kensington Ct, London W8 5DL.

  👌 Perfect for: Special occasions and celebrations.

 ⭐ Need to know: Don't stuff yourself to death - take the scones home.