Radicals & Victuallers Rad bites and booze set up shop in Islington
59 Upper Street, London, N1 0NY

What they say:

Purveyors of selling alcohol and food - Radicals & Victuallers present the gentrification of Upper Street. Revolutionising the former ONeill's Pub space, the new kids to Islington's block bring the heavenly scrumptious American menu of Ruby Jeans Diner together with some late night boozing sessions of drinking, dancing and laughing. 

What we say:

Anywhere with a 'Stairway to Burger Heaven' on the menu is a winner for us. Some people may argue that the classic American Diner style is overdone in London ... nonsensical jibberjabber! Nothing says good food like a heart-burning dose anything fried, baked or heaped with chips. Pair that with a late-night bar serving some cheeky cocktails and beer? That's a great success waiting to happen right there.