Black Axe Mangal Black Axe Mangal set to slice up London's Middle Eastern culinary scene
156 Canonbury Road, London, N1 2UP
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What they say:

Black Axe Mangal is the brainchild of Chef Lee Tiernan's brilliantly creative imagination. Having always had an infatuation with delicious bread and succulent kebab, he's decided to open his own Middle Eastern barbecue joint in the heart of Islington. No animal goes to waste here; with a delicious range of offal-based dishes, the menu is full of intriguing flavour combinations and perfectly cooked meats. Alongside this, guest will have the chance to gorge on freshly baked speciality breads and sourdough flatbreads, the perfect accompaniment to a spicy skewer of kebab. And then there's the irresistible cocktail menu, conjured up by the brilliant mind and always-flairing arms of award-winning bartender Mr Lyan. Full of spice and passion, this cosy haunt will leave you grinning from ear to ear.

What we say:

Mangal restaurants have been steadily appearing all over London for the last ten years, and yet the delicacy remains relatively unheard of. But that's surely about to change, and Chef Lee Tiernan will hope to provide the spark with his Black Axe Mangal. There's an offal-lot of character at this cosy North London haunt. A jam-packed menu and delectable cocktails is a combination that never seems to disappoint, and with the talent International Bartender of the Year, Mr Lyan, behind the bar, creativity and brilliance flows through this restaurant like a river through a mountain range. With years of experience at some of London's most prestigious restaurants under his belt, Chef Tiernan will definitely know what it takes to create a successful eatery.