New bar spy - Samarkand

Restaurant inspired by ancient Silk Road city to come to Fitzrovia

Published . By Isabella Wardynska.



Now Open

What they say:

A culinary landscape not well mastered in the UK, Uzbekistan offers a vibrant and rich backdrop of history and food mastered in a modern light at this new London restaurant. So named after one of the ancient cities on the Silk Road trade route, Samarkand is an edible journey inspired by this historic Asian frontier. 

What we say:

Doused in grandeur and clad in chandeliers, the decadence of Uzbekistan's ancient history comes back to life in this restaurant. Experience the traditional and authentic cuisine of this region as the tastes of Silk Road come to London. As something of a much undiscovered world, a window into this culinary culture should be both exciting and beautifully crafted.