Having opened in October, Wedge Issue is a home-grown venture from a couple who traded in Canada for the London life. Satisfying Italian cuisine in all its simple, unfussed glory, Wedge Issue is the hottest new pizza joint in Clerkenwell.

The Venue

Three words: cosy, comforting and homey. Wedge Issue is set up with minimalist wooden tables and painted in a calming green giving off a warm ambiance to this eatery. There’s an open kitchen so you can see your toppings being layered up keeping to the rustic style of authentic Italian pizzerias that we love so much. Decorated with cute tea lights, this place is everything you’d want out of a pizza place taking on a restaurant physique.

Wedge Issue Pizza

Interiors that speak of calm, cosy dining are just the ticket at Wedge Issue.

The Food and Drink

Because we all know that pizza and craft beer is the holiest of matrimonies, that’s exactly what’s coming. With pizzas made the ‘proper’ way, their dough consists of the 3 basic ingredients (flour, yeast, water) and their sauce base is quite simply crushed San Marzano tomatoes. That’s it folks. Although their spread of pizzas satisfied all mighty meaty, veggie and cheesy Italian offerings, the option to build our own was all too tempting. And for only £8.50, that has to be the cheapest hand picked pizza in London.

Choosing a pesto base, my toppings went: Bufala Mozzarella, Prosciutto Ham, Chicken, Rocket, Roasted Garlic with sea salt sprinkled on top. Then with the tomato base came N’duja (spicy Calabrian sausage), Gorgonzola, Caremalised Onions and Meatballs with a garnish of chili, sea salt and garlic. Whilst i’m a ‘less is more’ kinda gal, my partner is a pile it on kinda fella. Both arrived cooked to perfection: thin, crisp and packed with melting flavours. To round the evening off we hit up the naughty Chocolate Brownie with a chocolate ganache and vanilla ice cream. She was a rich beauty.

Beer wise there’s a spread of global bottles and and draughts from across the UK to keep you busy. I had a pint of the Hiver Honey Blonde (yes London’s local honey infused beer) and my companion had the Curious Brewing IPA both with slightly aromatic and distinctive flavours for £4.95 a pint.

Wedge Issue Pizza

Made to order pizzas of rustic character come as standard in this casual London eatery.

The Atmosphere

Heading down on a Tuesday is a telling signifier of how well a local joint is doing. And Wedge Issue certainly had no issues with customers as tables were filled throughout the evening. The nature of this restaurant is laid-back and built for casual dining, which it executes perfectly. As for the couple the run the joint? Super friendly and attentive making for top service.

Wedge Issue Pizza

They boast brews from across the UK as well as Canada.

The Summary

A pretty and proud neighbourhood pizzeria doing the good food of italy justice in London. Affordable, cosy and tasty in equal measure makes Wedge Issue one great slice.