New bar spy - Mother Clucker

The Mother of All Fried Chicken Food Trucks Is Opening a Restaurant in Farringdon

Mother Clucker

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What they say:

Mother Clucker's food truck currently delivers delicious, tender twice-battered buttermilk chicken strips and cajun fries to hungry customers around London. With the addition of their Deliveroo Editions partnership, they've expanded their order accommodation range even further than ever before. Now, they are moving into a venue on Roseberry Avenue, bringing their fried food expertise to Farringdon with their first permanent restaurant.

What we say:

Their tea-brined, buttermilk fried chicken breast strips are served with a choice of hot sauce and lime mayo, and many enjoy cajun fries as a side. Mother Clucker's success is partly due to their social media presence, sharing information about where to find the truck and drool-worthy photos of what you'd be missing if you didn't make the trip. They also offer a 50% student discount which makes the meal even more appetising. From serving out of a food truck on Brick Lane to welcoming guests through their own doors at their first restaurant, Mother Clucker brings comfort food a closer to home.