New bar spy - Chinese Restaurant Syndrome

Dalston diagnosed with Chinese Restaurant Syndrome

Chinese Restaurant Syndrome

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What they say:

Brought to you by the same team behind Dalston's 'local chicken shop', Chick N Sours, Chinese Restaurant Syndrome is set to be a fun hangout that serves up a menu of whimsical Chinese comfort foods. You'll actually find this new restaurant bar on Kingsland Road - directly below Chick N Sours! And much like the diner upstairs, you can expect cocktails to be a key feature of this new venue. Opening spring 2016. 

What we say:

Carl Clarke must bloody love Dalston! After his roaring success with Chick N Sours on Kingsland Road, he's decided to open his next project in the same area... directly below! Chinese Restaurant Syndrome is set to take a similar approach to it's affiliate diner upstairs, offering up a whimsical approach to Chinese cuisine. Naturally, you can expect cocktails to play a pretty prominent role here too.