New bar spy - Walter and Monty

New Walter and Monty location raises the London grill game a few degrees

Walter and Monty

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Now Open

What they say:

Formerly on the run between Night Tales and other London street markets, Walter and Monty will be setting up permanent shop in March. The restaurant will be a dually-run show by founder Alex Kaye and Head Chef, Nick Ross, with the menu and space hitting the same chargrilled sweet spots that Walter and Monty had been hitting in its mobile form. The culinary garb will have a distinctly Eastern spin, with an emphasis on meats and fishes, although there will be plenty of room saved for salads. As for the actual eatery, diners will have the ability to fill their own glasses at a number of self-serve beer taps while they watch the two behemoth grills in the open kitchen sizzle.

What we say:

Consider Walter and Monty to garner a reputation as the new Holy house of London barbeque joints. Full of unexpected flavours and features, the restaurant will serve as both a casual daytime hang spot, and the place you go to seriously knock the socks off of any so-called grill master. The menu is essentially packed with simple, chargrilled meat and fish staples, but a global skew brings a certain sense of exotic class to the table. If meat isn't really your style, don't fret, Walter and Monty also seeks to surprise with a killer set of salads, which really seals its mass appeal in. As if this all wasn't enough of a sell, imagine a beer tap being at full disposal during your meal. Yes, that will be a thing at Walter and Monty, so see you there.